Draws a ellipse that represents a shape

Use VxEllipse() or .ellipse() to draw a ellipse shape.

Ellipse sample photo

An ellipse aligned inside the frame of the view containing it.

width: 100,
height: 50,
backgroundColor: Colors.pink,


width: 100,
height: 50,
backgroundColor: Colors.pink,

Shadow Effect

Predefined shadows to give awesome elevation to your shape. It ranges from 0-24. More number means more shadow.

// Available options
{shape}.shadow //Shadow value 6
{shape}.shadowXs //Shadow value 1
{shape}.shadowSm //Shadow value 2
{shape}.shadowMd //Shadow value 3
{shape}.shadowLg //Shadow value 4
{shape}.shadowXl //Shadow value 6
{shape}.shadow2xl //Shadow value 8
{shape}.shadow3xl //Shadow value 9
{shape}.shadow4xl //Shadow value 12
{shape}.shadow5xl //Shadow value 16
{shape}.shadowMax //Shadow value 24
Eg: .ellipse().shadowMax


Prop (Type)DefaultDescription
backgroundColor (Color)ThemeData.primaryColorLight or Themedata.primarycolordarkThe color to fill the ellipse
child (Widget)Any child widget
width (double)MediaQuery.of(context).size.shortestSideWidth of the ellipse
height (double)MediaQuery.of(context).size.shortestSide/4Height of the ellipse
border (BoxBorder)Border to provide stroke
customDecoration (BoxDecoration)To fully provide custom decoration
gradient (Gradient)To provide gradient
backgroundImage (DecorationImage)To provide background image
blendMode (BlendMode)To provide blend mode
shadows (List of BoxShadow)To give shadow effect